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We are a certified Social Enterprise with an environmental purpose. Our mission is to create innovative and cost-effective demolition solutions for our customers and a sustainable environment for future generations. Our experience combined with a forward-thinking and social outlook makes us unique in the demolition industry.

We combine the resources and capabilities of a large demolition company with the personal touch of a smaller company, creating an innovative and personalized approach to demolition activities giving our clients the attention they deserve.

Our company provides expertise in industrial, commercial, marine and special high-risk demolition services across Australia. We are particularly experienced working within live and decommissioned facilities, such as mine sites, smelters, power stations, chemical and manufacturing plants.

Major Projects Group has always been at the forefront when it comes to finding the right innovative solutions for our clients. The owner, Paul Adams, of Major Projects Group pioneered large scale machinery technology and the controlled collapse methodologies of industrial structures, without the use of explosives.

After a brief period of providing mainly demolition consulting services in the early 2010’s, Major Projects Group re-entered the market as a demolition contractor.

Having established a successful team – the perfect mix of youth and experience – our goal is to bring the demolition industry into the 21st century all in the pursuit of making our activities even safer and more productive.

Let us show you how we apply cutting edge engineering processes & methodologies – that remove personnel from extreme risks – to the most complex demolition challenges all the while saving you money and time and doing good for the environment.


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