Commitment to Safety, Environmental Protection and Quality

Demolition and deconstruction works are among the most dangerous works within the construction industry and require special safety and environmental measures. Hazards, such as noise, asbestos, mineral fibers, lead, and especially falling parts of buildings endanger employees and passers-by.

Our main responsibility when carrying out our services is to keep everyone safe and to protect and enhance the environment. Our goal is ZERO INCIDENTS.

We therefore prepare each demolition project meticulously: we examine the object to be demolished and its surroundings in detail; take care of demolition permits; select the optimal demolition methodology at an early stage; and aim for a 100% recycling rate.

Our company operates under a triple certified integrated health, safety, environmental and quality (HSEQ) management system, which has specifically been developed for demolition activities and is based on over 35 years of industry experience. 

We ensure that our employees continuously receive industry leading hazard and safety behavioural training, and that our plant & equipment are upgraded on a regular basis to decrease our carbon footprint through more fuel-efficient models. Our overall philosophy is to use wherever possible mechanical demolition methods to ensure we follow the “as low as reasonably practical” (ALARP) model to have minimal staff operating within the hazardous area of the demolition zone.

But our environmental and social responsibility doesn’t stop on demolition sites. As a certified Social Enterprise, Major Projects Group donates half of its distributable profits to its Foundation. Major Projects Foundation is a not for profit registered charity. It responds to emerging maritime issues being faced by Australian Coastal and Pacific Islands water, including the threat of oil spills from World War II shipwrecks, ghost nets, unexploded ordinance, plastic pollution and the effects of climate change.

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