We Value Our Suppliers

Innovative and reliable suppliers are key in our demolition project lifecycle. Without the right tools and material on our project sites, our operations would come to a stop. We value our suppliers as much as all the other stakeholders we work with on our demolition project sites.

Sustainable Social/Environmental Impact

As a Social Enterprise, Major Projects Group wants to help increase procurement spend with other Social Enterprises in the construction industry, thus creating positive community outcomes. Our vision is to inspire other companies to also take the Social Enterprise path. That’s why we give preferences to suppliers who are Social Enterprises.

Procurement System

Our procurement system guarantees easy collaboration between us and our suppliers. We are working hard to constantly improve our processes when it comes to estimating, scheduling and payment, ensuring that necessary information are properly communicated between all stakeholders.

Supplier List

As part of our quality system, we have built a pre-approved supplier list to ensure that the material and tools we receive on site are delivered on time and are of reliable quality. Once our suppliers went through our pre-approval process, they become part of our supplier list and become automatically part of our procurement process.