State Of The Art Plant And Equipment

With an extensive fleet of specialist plant and equipment, Major Projects Group is able to offer site-specific, safe demolition solutions. By owning and operating a large range of equipment, we can facilitate their fast deployment to solve unforeseen challenges during demolition projects all across the region.

Major Projects Group has access to a large variety of state-of-the-art plant items, including excavators with various specialised attachments, skid steer loaders, boom lifts, telehandlers, generators, prime movers, trailers, and marine equipment. We continuously invest in updating, enhancing and replacing our plant and equipment to reduce downtime on project sites and decrease our carbon footprint through more fuel-efficient models.

Major Projects Group also operates a full fabrication workshop in New South Wales where our company maintains our fleet and build purpose designed equipment for our demolition activities.

One of those plant items is our 250-tonne excavator with specialised and customised attachments making our demolition activities even safer by pulling apart structures without the use of labour at the workplace. Attacking structures comfortably up to 30 metres high, the operator is more than 20 meters away from the building. This scale of equipment fits into our overall philosophy to use wherever possible mechanical demolition methods to ensure we follow the “as low as reasonably practical” (ALARP) model to have minimal staff operating within the hazardous area of the demolition zone.

A Wide Variety of Demolition Equipment


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