We provide specialised asbestos and hazardous materials removal services across Australia.

Most of our demolition projects require hazardous materials and asbestos removal abatement services. These services not only require experience and skill but also licensing and compliance with standards and practices. The Major Projects Group provides asbestos and hazardous material removal services as part of its demolition services. We have access to resources and infrastructure to ensure safe and efficient hazardous materials and asbestos removal.

Clients can depend on us to deliver hazardous materials and asbestos removal services. Our end-to-end hazardous materials abatement and decontamination services deliver outstanding quality work you can trust. With an industry leading reputation and over 40 years of experience, the Major Projects Group is the one contact you need for hazardous materials and asbestos removal.

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Asbestos and hazardous material inspections

We can undertake comprehensive hazardous material (HAZMAT) inspection surveys to help you identify any hazardous materials at your site. We provide pre-demolition or deconstruction inspections for demolition plans and can remove hazardous materials prior to the commencement of any project. Our services include:

Hazardous materials identification and testing

Risk assessment

Clearance certificates

Hazardous materials and asbestos removal

Hazardous materials consulting and education

Air quality monitoring

Asbestos and hazardous material project management

The Major Projects Group provides clients with a team of fully-qualified specialists with extensive experience in asbestos and hazardous material project management. Not only can our experts identify, inspect and remove asbestos but we even deliver emergency response services for asbestos management during demolition projects. Our services include:

Asbestos register creation

Asbestos emergency response

Hazardous material demolition plans

Hygiene service management

Hazardous waste management

Asbestos removal and hazardous material disposal services

The Major Projects Group takes the stress out of hazardous materials management and removal. We have the capability to handle any sort of large hazardous waste disposal in Australia. From commercial asbestos removal to industrial asbestos removal, our experts make sure to minimise harm and maximise safety when completing your project. We offer:

Asbestos abatement from floors, walls and roofing

Encapsulation of asbestos-affected areas

Dismantling and disposal of framework of various industrial structures

Full disposal of hazardous materials

Marine demolition projects

Port of Melbourne Incinerator Demolition

Major Projects Group (CMA Corp) undertook the demolition of the decommissioned incinerator at Port Melbourne. The incinerator was used for ship dunnage, quarantine waste and domestic garbage from the City Council of Port Melbourne.

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Finucane Island Beneficiation Plant Port

In July 2005 Major Projects Group commenced work on deconstruction of the decommissioned Beneficiation Plant.

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BMA Blackwater Coal Handling Plant

The scope of work of this Major Projects Group (CMA Corp) project included the removal and demolition of the North Coal Handling and Preparation Plant (CHPP), located on the northern end of Blackwater Mine.

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ICI London Tioxide Plant

Carried out on behalf of ICI London was the total demolition of the Tioxide Plant Burnie Tasmania.

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Xstrata Zinc Crusher

Major Projects Group (Moltoni Adams) was engaged by Xstrata Zinc for the demolition of the No 2 Lead Zinc Fine Crushing Plant Facility to create much needed space for the Zinc-Lead Concentrator Revamp Project.

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Orica Solvents Plant

The demolition to slab level of entire contaminated Solvents Plant in the Orica Industrial Area at Botany NSW was a Major Projects Group project which was completed in 10 weeks.

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GrainCorp Geelong Trackshed

In August 2006 Major Projects Group (CMA Corp) undertook this 12 week project to remove asbestos cement roof cladding from the Road Receival Building in Graincorp’s Geelong Export Terminal.

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BHPB Nickel West

In March 2007, Major Projects Group (CMA Corp) commenced work on this BHP Billiton Nickel West project which comprised the disconnection of services, where required, removal of all asbestos containing material, demolition and removal of buildings to foundation level.

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BHPB Newman Mine

In mid 2007, Major Projects Group (CMA Corp) was engaged by BHPB Iron Ore to demolish specified infrastructure on its Newman Hub site.

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Boral BMI Plant

The Boral BMI Plant was located in the Penrith Lakes Scheme Area and consisted of a steel structure 15m by 15m by 20 m high. The structure included 8 drive-under bins, timber walkways and concrete foundations. The upper section was clad in asbestos sheeting.

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Xstrata Copper Mount Isa Cu Crusher

Major Projects Group (CMA Corp) commenced the demolition of the Copper Concentrate Crusher building in October 2006, following the completion of the demolition works of the FSR plant and associated structures.

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CSBP Kwinana Acid Plant

This Major Projects Group project involved the demolition of the API Plant, redundant pipe work and equipment within the CSBP Kwinana works.

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Orica Chloralkali Plant

Major Projects Group (CMA Corp) was contracted by Orica to complete the demolition of the Orica Chloralkali Plant. The plant was located in Botany Industrial Park’s fully operational chemical manufacturing site.

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QAL Calciner Kiln

Major Projects Group commenced this $12.5 million, 103,000 man-hour project in August 2004 and it was completed by October 2005. Full QAL operations were maintained during the course of the project.

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Pasminco Cockle Creek Smelter

The Pasminco Cockle Creek Smelter was used for smelting of zinc metals and alloys, lead bullion, cadmium metal, copper sulphate and producing sulphuric acid since the late 1800’s through to 2003.

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This Major Projects Group project for Mount Isa Xstrata Copper saw the demolition of the FSR plant and associated structures to ground level, as Mount Isa Mines required changes around the copper smelter to enable increased production.

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BHPB Newcastle Steelworks

Major Projects Group has the distinction of undertaking one of the largest demolition projects ever conducted in Australia in the demolition of the Newcastle BHP steelworks.

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Orica Chloralkali Plant

Major Projects Group (CMA Corp) was contracted by Orica to complete the demolition of the Orica Chloralkali Plant. The plant was located in Botany Industrial Park’s fully operational chemical manufacturing site.

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GrainCorp Shipping Conveyor

Major Projects Group undertook this barging operation to demolish the GrainCorp ship loading Gallery. The site was located at the Geelong Terminal, an operating facility of GrainCorp, and was built partly on terminal land and partly over an existing port structure managed by Toll.

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Asbestos and hazardous material removal with the Major Projects Group

40+ years strong

With over four decades of operation, we have an established reputation as a leading hazard materials and asbestos removal and management contractor.

Quick and cost-effective service

The Major Projects Group prides itself on getting our clients the most cost-effective hazardous material and asbestos management service on the Australian market. Our processes ensure effective outcomes for any project.

Certified Social Enterprise

The Major Projects Group is a certified Social Enterprise dedicated to sustainable business practices. We partner with the best operators in hazardous material handling and asbestos removal and abatement to reflect this commitment.

Demolition-specific HSEQ management systems

In addition to hazard material management, we can also handle your demolition project. We have a Health, Safety, Environmental and Quality (HSEQ) management system that offers a streamlined and tailored demolition specific service.

Partners with licenced asbestos removal subcontractors

We guarantee our partners hold all the necessary certifications, licences and insurances to comply with Australian States and Territories regulations. Clients can depend on our high-quality service licensed asbestos removal.

High quality equipment and service

The Major Projects Group ensures all our practices, people and equipment reflect the most up to date advances in hazard material and asbestos removal and management. This means our clients can be reassured of the quality of our work.

Require hazardous material or asbestos removal at your site? Get a quote today with the Major Projects Group.

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Asbestos and hazardous material FAQs

Do I need to arrange asbestos and/or hazardous material removal?

In Australia, it is critical that asbestos is handled, removed and disposed of properly. According to Safework Australia, duty holders of work involving asbestos are required to eliminate, or minimise as much as practicable, the risks arising from asbestos removal. Thus any project associated with asbestos should have engagement with a licensed asbestos removal contractor.

Asbestos is not regular waste. Asbestos poses many hazards and cannot be disposed of with regular demolition waste. It is critical that​ asbestos fibres are not released into the environment by activities associated with construction or demolition. As such, licensed asbestos removal contractors need to dispose of asbestos at specified sites according to regulations. Getting an asbestos removal specialist involved in your project early can help you to minimise costs and reduce risk.

What is a Clearance Certificate?

An Asbestos Clearance Certificate documents that all visible asbestos and asbestos fragments at a site have been removed. It is completed by a consultant who inspects all areas in which asbestos was handled, including transportation areas. This ensures that the health risks of asbestos have been removed. Until an Asbestos Clearance Certificate has been completed, an area should not be generally accessible.

What is a hazardous material demolition plan?

A Hazardous Material Demolition Plan is documentation that helps to establish and identify the leadership and responsibilities of a duty holder involved with a demolition project. It helps to minimise possible risks and health impacts that hazardous materials may pose during a demolition. The plan can involve items such as risk assessment, transport/disposal of hazardous materials and compliance with legislation.

Do you need a licence to remove asbestos?

Unless specifically exempted by WHS Regulation, a duty holder who engages in the removal and disposal of asbestos from a site must guarantee that removal is performed by a licensed asbestos removalist. The type of license required by the asbestos removalist is contingent on the type of asbestos and the amount of asbestos, or asbestos associated material. Major Projects Group holds an unrestricted (friable) asbestos licence.

How much does asbestos removal cost?

Every asbestos removal is unique in complexity and scale. There is no standardised way to assess how much asbestos removal will cost without first discussing your site, project or situation with an experienced asbestos removalist. At the Major Projects Group, we make the process of obtaining a price easy when you contact us with our details to obtain a quote.

How do I begin an asbestos and hazardous material removal project with the Major Projects Group?

To begin licensed, experienced and expert hazardous material and asbestos removal at your site get in touch with the Major Projects Group. We ensure your project is managed carefully, safely and according to all legislation and regulations. Use our enquiry form to discuss your needs with one of our friendly team.

For qualified and experienced hazardous materials and asbestos removal contact the Major Projects Group.

When it comes to your hazardous materials and asbestos removal, the cost of getting it wrong is too high. The Major Projects Group will ensure you get it right the first time.


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