Working Together To Reach Maximum Efficiency And Safety

Subcontractors place an important role in our operations, as most of our demolition projects require us to undertake some work that fall outside of our area of expertise. Major Projects Group often works as a principal contractor, and as such one of our responsibilities is to ensure that all activities on site are properly coordinated between all parties involved. Throughout the years we have worked with a variety of subcontractors and established a pre-approved list with subcontractors that we believe are the best in their respective fields.

Our promise to all of our subcontractors is that we work closely with them, getting them involved as early as possibly in the project life cycle to understand how they intend to perform their work and how to best integrate their operations with ours so to reach maximum efficiency and safety throughout the project for all stakeholders.

Sustainable Social/Environmental Impact

As a Social Enterprise, Major Projects Group wants to help increase procurement spend with other Social Enterprises in the construction industry, thus creating positive community outcomes. Our vision is to inspire other companies to also take the Social Enterprise path. That’s why we give preferences to subcontractors who are Social Enterprises.

Advanced Safety Management System

Subcontractors work under Major Projects Group’s integrated health, safety, environmental and quality (HSEQ) management system. Our system has been developed based on decades of industry experience and our most important commitment during each demolition project is to make sure everyone goes home safe at the end of the day.

Striving for Excellence in Quality

Quality forms part of Major Projects Group’s integrated management system. Subcontractors work under our Quality management system and benefit from seamless operations between all parties. We constantly look for ways to improve our services, and this includes the management of subcontractors. In the past, Major Projects Group has integrated improvement processes based on subcontractors’ suggestions.